The Modern Era: 1989-2011

West 8th, 2010. Lewis built a 28-story, 520,000 square foot office tower. The project achieved LEED-CS Gold (quickly, with no follow-up questions, aided by 13 credits Lewis helped find). The building is structural steel with a concrete core, with 480 parking spaces both below-grade and on floors 2 and 3. Core construction set a record for cycle time for a Peri system, often just three days per cycle on floors 14-28. The University of Oregon’s Integrated Science Building was modeled to address specific access issues, crane placement, and facility coordination.
Bart Ricketts, current Portland General Manager, will be the next CEO in 2012.   ◀ Lewis completed a new multi-pool aquatics center in 2009 called the East Portland Community Center Natatorium. It was the company’s first LEED Platinum project. Lewis is a leader in sustainable construction.
Lewis' WebPM won the first ever AGC Award for technology.

◀ WebPM is a customized application of SharePoint, dramatically improving project document coordination - speeding communication, saving time for the entire team, and ensuring that every detail is covered. It was recently praised by project partners on the five month, 12-floor, LEED Gold tenant improvement for the GSA in Portland. Building the Second & Seneca dome, 1991

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